Home Solutions launches charging stations for 299 SEK per month

Press release, February 14th, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden, February 14th 2023 – Home Solutions, a Nordic Propeye company, is a leading smart buildings solutions provider that has delivered individuell measurement solutions for electricity consumption of engine heater and charging stations. To meet the large, increasing demand for charging stations from residential housing associations, the company now offers a service that makes it easier for residential housing associations to offer their members the opportunity to charge their electric cars, without large investment costs for the associations nor the members.

Electric cars are becoming more and more common. During 2022 the amount of electric cars in Sweden increased with 79%. In total there are over 433.000 chargeable passenger cars in Sweden today, which equals approximately 9% of all passenger vehicles, according to the branch organization Power Circle and the statistics database Elis.

“The electrification of the transport sector took on a record pace in 2022 and is likely to keep growing, but the rollout of charging stations isn’t keeping up the pace”, says Christer Svensson, head of Sales at Home Solutions. “Among our customers we see many residential housing associations that would like to install charging stations by their parking spots as they receive a lot of pressure from their members. Our new service aims at making it easier for residential housing associations to get charging stations installed – easy, simple and without investment costs.”

The offering includes everything from project planning up to installation, maintenance and operation of the charging stations. The associations get periodic overviews of measurement data of all charging stations, so that they can divide the costs among their members based upon how much each individual has used. The targeted price for the offering is 299 SEK per month per charging stations, after 50% contribution by The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket), where Home Solutions supports in the subsidy application process.

“By offering charging stations as a service, we make them more accessible”, says Henrik Lindgren, Head of IoT Sales at Nordic Propeye. “All residential housing associations in Sweden can now quickly and easily offer their members the ability to charge their cars and at the same time reduce the association’s electricity costs by being able to bill individual members based on how much they’ve charged their car”.

About Nordic Propeye

Nordic Propeye has over 20 years of experience with digitization of residential housing buildings and has pioneered the Internet of Things industry with strong expertise in radio technology. The company connects over 60,000 apartments today and runs energy savings solutions on over ten million sq. ft. property. The company has made it its mission to help its customer to make their real estate and condominiums lean, clean and green.

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