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    More than 115 million buildings that are standing today in the EU alone, will remain in 2050. Nordic Propeye drastically improves energy efficiency and secures a sustainable and healthy indoor environment in these buildings. Learn more about Nordic Propeye:
  • Unlock the true value of solar energy

    Is your residential housing company considering solar panels? Without our shared electricity solution, the bulk of the produced electricity can’t be used in your building. Lean more about Collective electricity with submetering:
  • Smart charging stations

    Nordic Propeye is rolling out the infrastructure for the future, accommodating the growing number of electric cars that need charging stations. View our offering of smart charging stations:


Building Intelligence with LoRaWAN®

News, July 06, 2023

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X2 Wireless and Home Solutions announce partnership to bring smart smoke detectors to the Swedish real estate market.

News, July 03, 2023

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MCCI and Nordic Propeye Announce Partnership to Distribute Innovative IoT Products to the US Market

News, May 31, 2023

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Building Intelligence with LoRaWAN®

News, July 06, 2023

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Residential Housing
60.000 apartments are already enjoying the benefits of our digitization solutions today. Join them to save energy, control heating and more.
Choose a sustainable future for your building!
Real Estate
Using the latest smart building technology, we help our clients reach energy savings, a reduced carboon footprint and the highest building environmental standards.
IoT sensor devices
We develop and manufacture high quality, high security IoT devices in Sweden. Find our full portfolio of smart meters, air quality devices and more here.

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