Green building certification

Upgrade existing properties and get rewarded a green building certification

Rather than building new properties, existing buildings must be upgraded, to meet sustainability goals. Meeting the latest standards for buildings has great value for real estate owners. You can greatly increase your property value by achieving green building certifications. It is also the perfect way to show to investors, tenants and other stakeholders, that you are a leading company when it comes to ESG goals. Nordic Propeye supports the green building certification process with unique sensor devices that contribute to the points system of several certification authorities.
Grow property value
A green building certification makes your property more attractive for tenants and it grows the property value.
ESG Leadership
Certifying your property portfolio increases the attractiveness for investors.
Reduce interest rates
Many banks offer a reduction on interest rates for loans coupled to green building certified properties.
Nordic Propeye offers a wide variety of sensor devices that can contribute points to Green Building Certifications such as the BREEAM In-Use certification. This includes smart water meters, air quality sensors, a refrigerant leak detector (R-32 gas) and more.
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