Propeye digital ecosystem

Easy management of consumption data, indoor climate, and more

Data insights
View consumption data, indoor climate and more, in near real-time, both on desktop as well as in the mobile app.
Flexible data management
Propeye is the central place from which data can even be integrated into your existing building management- or business intelligence systems.
Alarm notifications
Get a notification if electricity costs are too high, if a water leakage is detected, and more.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Our consumption meters and sensor devices collect and send data wirelessly to the Propeye Digital Ecosystem, using the latest communication protocols (e.g. LoRaWAN®). The devices are battery-driven, allowing for easy installation in existing buildings. This system allows for easy installation of loads of different sensors, from water- electricity and heat meters, up to temperature, carbon dioxide, radon gas sensors and much more.

Fair and sustainable
Our submetering solutions for automated billing of consumption of utilities ensure that the tenants’ invoice is always based on actual consumption data, rather than an average. This is fair, since tenants are rewarded for their savings, and leads to more sustainable usage of resources.

Data analysis and alarms
In Propeye, data analysis is done to detect data anomalies that can indicate moisture damage development, water leakages, waste in heating and more. This is connected to pre-determined alarm functionalities, such as push notifications or a 24/7 alarm centre.
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