AI Energy Optimization

Upgrade your existing building management system, resulting in up to 30% energy savings

To meet sustainability goals it is crucial that we make the vast amount of existing buildings more energy efficient. Unfortunately, most existing buildings have outdated building management systems. Nordic Propeye makes smart use of existing building infrastructure, our solution integrates directly into your existing BMS. Additional sensor devices are installed if needed, and the HVAC systems are optimally controlled every 15 minutes based on daily electricity price fluctuations, real-time air quality data and more.
Up to 30% energy savings
The energy savings in most cases result in a return on investment of less than one year.
Improved indoor climate
Through optimized and automated HVAC control, the indoor air quality improves up to 50%, resulting in a healthy, indoor environment.
Sustainable building
The reduced building energy usage leads to a 20-40% reduction in carbon footprint, which is key to meeting ESG goals.
Upgrade your existing Building Management System The solution integrates directly with your existing Building Management System, e.g. Schneider, Siemens, Honeywell or Johnson Controls systems. The existing infrastructure is upgraded, rather than replaced. The solution is thereby the single- most cost-efficient- and effective way to save energy in large buildings.
How it works
We will install wireless indoor climate sensors in your building, to monitor conditions in real- time. This data is combined with external weather data, energy tariffs and more, as well as data from the Building Management System. The control algorithm then optimizes and steers the HVAC system to maximize indoor climate quality and optimize the energy usage.