Choose smart. Choose sustainable.
This is what we ask of our customers and partners, but also of our own management and employees.
Through this commitment our goal is to be a smart and sustainable investment choice as a company.

Two companies came together end 2021, HomeSolutions and Talkpool IoT. HomeSolutions has over twenty years of experience with digitization of residential housing buildings and connects over 60.000 apartments today. Talkpool IoT has pioneered the Internet of Things industry with strong expertise in radio technology, running energy savings solutions on over one million m2. We celebrate our history and unite as Nordic Propeye. Together with our customers and partners, we will create a more sustainable future.

To be successful in the Internet of Things industry, economies of scale are essential. Massive volume deployments require low solution costs. These two phenomena have a positive spiral effect on each other. Nordic Propeye has a competitive advantage in this, as we deploy submetering and energy savings solutions in 60.000 apartments for residential housing companies and over 1 million square meters of commercial real estate space already today.

Being one of the leading companies working with digitization of buildings, we aggregate a vast amount of data that will become incredibly valuable in the future.

Our mission is to help our customer to make their real estate and condominiums lean, clean & green.

Management Team

Board of Directors