Increase property value & tenant satisfaction

Submetering is an essential part of a sustainable building
Today, many buildings have no submetering installations in place. Tenants pay an average of the building’s total consumption of water, electricity and heating. Nordic Propeye installs smart meters that are designed for easy retrofitting in existing buildings and connects them to your existing billing- and building management software, for automated billing of tenants.
Grow property value
Reduced OPEX and green building certifications result in an increase in property value.
Increase customer satisfaction
With individual smart meters, tenants only pay for their own consumption rather than a building average, increasing customer satisfaction.
Sustainable buildings
Tenants will no longer abuse the consumption of utilities, because they pay every cent for what they consume. This results in more sustainable use of resources.
We offer a full portfolio of energy-, water- and electricity meters that are easy to install in existing buildings. These are all connected using LoRaWAN® technology, to our platform Propeye. In the platform, the data is visualized in a dashboard, but it can also be integrated directly with your current business intelligence-, building management- and/or billing systems.
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