Building damage prevention

Reduce damages and repair costs

24/7 monitoring
Our sensors always keep an eye on your building. An alarm is sent directly when risk for damages is discovered, with escalation to an emergency center.
Structural improvements
Long-term data insights will tell you exactly what areas of the building need structural improvement, such as ventilation.
Decrease repair costs
Early detection of the risk of building damages allow for preventative measures, removing or reducing expensive repair costs.
How it works
Nordic Propeye installs wireless sensors that constantly monitor the building. The devices immediately send an alarm if an abnormal situation is detected, upon which an emergency center is instructed to take follow-up action. This includes sensor devices for smoke detection, water leakage, moisture damages, and a smart floordrain that detects leakages around the drain in the bathroom.
Leakage detection
In Sweden alone, water damages in buildings amount to more than half a billion EUR annually. The most common problem in bathrooms is water leaking around the floor drain. We offer a smart floor drain that detects these leakages. Additionally, our smart water meters provide an alarm if a continuous flow has been detected, our leakage ropes can be installed in the kitchen and bathrooms and finally, our system Propeye allows for cross-verification of total water consumption with the bill your residential housing company receives from the water company, to detect leakages in the pipe system.
Smoke detection
Although smoke detectors are mandatory in a building, unfortunately individual tenants sometimes remove their smoke detectors, for example to illegally smoke indoors. Our smoke detectors are connected to our platform Propeye, in which you can see whether none of the smoke detectors in your building have been removed and if there are any alarms triggered.
Radon gas
Radon gas is the most common cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. Radon gas can either be ventilated out of a building or other measures can be taken to mitigate the effects, but the first step is to measure and understand radon levels in your buildings. Another step towards a safe indoor environment.
Are you interested?
  • Contact us for a budget estimation
  • We visit you for a property evaluation to see understand the savings potential.
  • We present a customized proposal for optimal savings
  • The residential housing company takes a decision. We can support with information towards members and the management.
  • The project installation is planned.
Congratulations, you have taken an important step to a more sustainable property.