Building damage prevention

Real-time monitoring of leakages, moisture damages and more

There are many potential causes of damages to a building, such as moisture buildup or water leakages. As a building manager you often detect these damages when the damage has severely escalated. The repair costs are high and you can’t rent out the property for several weeks, as renovations are ongoing. Nordic Propeye solves this problem and makes you able to act instead of react. We install a wide range of wireless sensor devices that monitor your building and provide an alarm notification when a risk for damage is detected.
24/7 monitoring
Our sensors always keep an eye on your building. You get an alarm as soon as there is a risk for damages.
Structural improvements
Long-term data insights will tell you exactly what areas of the building need structural improvement, such as ventilation.
Decrease repair costs
Early detection of the risk of building damages allow for preventative measures, removing or reducing expensive repair costs.

Our smart floor drain detects the most common bathroom leakages. In Sweden alone, water damages in buildings amount to more than half a billion EUR annually. This is a big problem for real estate owners, insurance companies and tenants, who have to deal with the costs and reparation time. The most common problem in the bathroom is water leaking around the floor drain, either because of a damage to the waterproofing seal or a faulty connection between the waterproofing seal and the floor drain. The smart floor drain detects these leakages and transmits an alarm signal to the internet via the wireless LoRaWAN® communications protocol. The device is co-developed by Purus, experts in floor drains, and Nordic Propeye, experts in radio- and sensor technology.

Good ventilation keeps moisture problems out the door.
In older buildings, certain areas can be severely under ventilated. Newer buildings on the other hand, are often very well isolated, making them highly dependent on ventilation systems to keep the moisture out. Our temperature and humidity sensors are at the basis of our calculation for the risk for moisture damages. The digital platform Propeye gives you a warning in time, so that you can take preventative measures.

We offer a complete portfolio of building damage prevention devices. Additional sensor devices help to detect water leakages in unusual locations. These include our leakage ropes, which are available in different lengths so that even the tightest spots can be monitored. Other devices that help with water leakage detection are our smart water meters, which have a built-in alarm when a continuous water flow is detected, for example when a toilet is leaking.

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