Charging stations

Intelligent charging stations right outside your doorstep

Smart charging
Load balancing is used to ensure that the building doesn’t exceed the maximum electricity capacity available.
As a Service
We offer different payment plans so you can pick what's best for you. Either pay up-front or choose a monthly payment plan.
Collective electricity
By installation of smart meters, the charging stations’ energy usage is part of the building’s collective electricity contract and tenants are automatically invoiced after charging.
How does it work?
Nordic Propeye provides an end-to-end solution, from installation of charging stations up to the automated billing process. The great advantage of this for residential housing organizations is that the charging stations are connected to the organization’s collective electricity contract, resulting in cheaper electricity for your car. The billing process is automatically connected to the tenants’ monthly bill. Additionally, our load balancing functionality ensures that the building’s total energy capacity is not exceeded, avoiding fees from the electricity provider.
Our partner KEBA from Austria has a long, proven track record of delivering high quality charging stations. The charging stations come in different variations with either cable or socket. The design is both stylish but also sustainable, with a very durable housing that tolerates the Scandinavian elements, making it perfect for installation in garages, parking lots and outdoor installation. Vår Österrikiska partner KEBA har i många år levererat högkvalitativa laddboxar i en mängd olika utförande med fast kabel eller uttag. Den stilrena designen och utformning i ett mycket tåligt hölje, som skyddar den från väder och vind, gör att den passar lika bra i garage, carport, offentliga miljöer eller för utomhusmontage. Laddboxen är förkonfigurerad och färdig att använda och enkel att installera.
Four reasons why residential housing companies are installing charging stations
As a member in a residential housing association you may have considered the question before, should our association install charging stations? Whether you yourself own an electric car or not, there are good reasons to consider it either way.
Are you interested?
  • Contact us for a budget estimation
  • We visit you for a property evaluation to see understand the savings potential.
  • We present a customized proposal for optimal savings
  • The residential housing company takes a decision. We can support with information towards members and the management.
  • The project installation is planned.
Congratulations, you have taken an important step to a more sustainable property.