Four reasons why residential housing companies are installing charging stations

Article, January 26th, 2023

As a member in a residential housing association you may have considered the question before, should our association install charging stations? Whether you yourself own an electric car or not, there are good reasons to consider it either way.

Electric car owners

1. Charging stations right outside of your door: Having a charging station located right outside your door can make it very convenient for EV owners to charge their cars. Instead of having to go to a public charging station or wait for a spot to open up at a shared charging station, EV owners in a residential housing association with charging stations can simply plug in their car when they get home.

2. Easy payment through association fees: With the charging stations integrated with a solution for individual measurement and billing, tenants can have the cost of charging their electric cars automatically added to their monthly fee, making it a simple and convenient process for everyone.

Non electric car owners

3. Increase the value of your apartment: Installing charging stations in a residential housing association can also increase the value of each individual apartment. As more and more people are starting to buy electric cars, having charging stations available in the building can make it more attractive to potential buyers.

4. Avoid an increased electricity bill due to abuse of engine heaters: many tenants use engine heaters to charge their electric cars if no charging stations are present. This drives up the total electricity costs for the association, leading to an increased monthly fee for everyone. By installing charging stations with individual measurement and debiting, only the person using a charging stations pays for what they use. This leads to fair distribution of costs and economic behavior.

Home Solutions, a Nordic Propeye company, offers charging stations for residential housing association. The charging stations are of world-leading quality, produced by Austria-based KEBA. Smart charging functionality enables load balancing to ensure that the building doesn’t exceed the maximum electricity capacity available. The solution automatically integrates with our solution for individual measurement and debiting, meaning that tenants get automatically charged for the charging of their electric car, through the monthly association fees.

We have a special offer for 300 kr per month per charging stations*. Contact us today for a free consultation!

*Actual pricing may differ, depending on your buildings’ specific conditions. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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