Collective electricity with submetering

Reduced network charges - lower electricity consumption - affordable electricity prices - fair and automated billing

Reduced costs
All fixed electricity fees will disappear and be replaced by a single shared subscription.
Collective agreement
By negotiating the association’s electricity price together, residents can get a better price.
More efficient solar panels
Use all the electricity produced on your own property. Reduce payback time.
What is Collective Electricity?
By retrofitting the building’s incoming electricity and using smart meters that read the consumption in each apartment/room, the cost to residents is reduced. Instead, the cost will be paid by the association and the residents will pay their consumption to the association via their fee. The association buys electricity at a more favourable price and sells it to the residents. In this way, the residents save around 2000 SEK/ year. The payback time for this investment is only 1-2 years.
LoRaWAN® electricity meters
We install LoRaWAN® electricity meters that measure the electricity consumption in each individual apartment. We are proud to use the latest technology to help our customers save money on their electricity bill and to digitalize their buildings.

Tax reductions on solar panel installations for residential housing associations, this is how it works (Swedish only):

Are you interested?
  • Contact us for a budget estimation
  • We visit you for a property evaluation to see understand the savings potential.
  • We present a customized proposal for optimal savings
  • The residential housing company takes a decision. We can support with information towards members and the management.
  • The project installation is planned.
Congratulations, you have taken an important step to a more sustainable property.