Nordic Propeye Digitalizes 40.000 m2 Building Owned by G City Europe in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2 Days

Press release, May 8th, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden, May 8th, 2023 – Nordic Propeye, a leading connected building solutions provider is working closely with Myrspoven, who uses the data from Nordic Propeye’s sensors for their AI optimization solution. Together they implemented the solution at G City Europe’s Atrium Flora property in Prague, Czech Republic. This marks the companies’ first joint project in the Czech Republic, and shows that the customer base is scaling internationally.

Nordic Propeye’s sensors have been installed in over 1,5 million square meters of real estate to date. The recent success in the Czechian market demonstrates the global appeal of the collaboration with Myrspoven, where the AI optimization has achieved the following results in Atrium Flora, a 40.000 m2 large building, used as an office building as well as shopping mall:

  • 25% decrease in common electricity usage
  • 11% reduction in tenant electricity consumption
  • 15% decrease in natural gas usage
  • Enhanced indoor climate

These achievements help G City Europe to reach their highly set ESG targets.

Swedish company Myrspoven, long-term partner of Nordic Propeye, allows real estate companies to save energy and cost by taking advantage of the latest innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Nordic Propeye supports Myrspoven with internationally scalable solutions for wireless data collection and data management, to be used in their autonomous system for energy optimization. Nordic Propeye’s solution is unique in its cost- and time- effectiveness in getting real-time data from existing buildings. Existing buildings usually have too few sensors and utility meters, and require time consuming manual measurements or meter readings. The company did a digital upgrade of the complete building in just 2 days, which now enables Myrspoven’s energy saving solutions.

This press release comes on the heel of the news that Nordic Propeye has joined the Swedish embassy’s Skyline program to approach the U.S. real estate market and is in line with the company’s strategy to expand internationally.

About Nordic Propeye
Nordic Propeye has over 20 years of experience with digitization of residential housing buildings and has pioneered the Internet of Things industry with strong expertise in radio technology. The company connects over 60,000 apartments today and runs energy savings solutions on over ten million sq. ft. property. The company has made it its mission to help its customer to make their real estate and condominiums lean, clean and green.

About Myrspoven
Myrspoven AB is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for energy optimization in buildings using AI. Their team of experts uses the latest technology to help their clients reduce energy costs, improve sustainability, and reduce their carbon footprint. Since January 1, 2023, their solution has been optimizing over 2,500,000 m2 in more than 1,000 buildings. Their products work to make buildings a part of the solution to the energy capacity shortage, and they are constantly exploring new technologies and techniques to help the real estate industry reduce its carbon footprint.

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