Kubang AB now distributes Nordic Propeye’s IoT sensor devices

News, 15th of April, 2024

Nordic Propeye’s IoT sensor devices can now be found in Kubang AB’s product portfolio and in their webshop.

Nordic Propeye and Kubang AB have signed a distributor agreement that allows Kubang to market and sell Nordic Propeye’s products

“We’re delighted that our IoT products are now available in Kubang’s product portfolio and are convinced that this partnership will lead to a successful expansion of the IoT market in Sweden. Kubang is an excellent partner for us because of their technical expertise as well as understanding of how LoRaWAN technology can be used to greatly benefit cities, buildings and industrial operations. We believe that our product portfolio will be enthusiastically received by their existing customer base.”, says Boris de Bruin, Director of Communications, PR and Marketing at Nordic Propeye.

“The collaboration is strategically important to us as it allows us to complement our already strong assortment with IoT products such as radon gas sensors, converters for analogue data to digital data over LoRaWAN, and various types of LoRaWAN electricity meters for the Nordic market. In doing so, we strengthen our relationship with our partners and can together further develop our offering for the Nordic market. Furthermore, the ambition is to build a long-term partnership with Nordic Propeye as we share a common view on how, through our collaboration, we can contribute with the best solutions for the market,” says Stefan Frisenfelt, Head of IoT at Kubang AB.

For more information, reach out to:

Boris de Bruin
Director of Communications, PR and Marketing at Nordic Propeye
+46 72 341 7551

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