Temperature monitoring

Save energy and improve indoor climate

Better control
Real-time data from temperature sensors allows the facility manager to understand where in the building there are problems with heating.
10% energy savings
Integrating the temperature data with the district heating system or doing other structural changes results in significant savings.
Less extreme temperatures
Temperature outliers can be prevented, so that tenants no longer have to sit in very cold, nor in very warm apartments.
How does it work?
Many residential buildings struggle with temperature control - one tenant complains that it’s too hot, another claims that it’s too cold. Nordic Propeye installs wireless, battery-driven temperature sensors, that report temperature data multiple times per hour, in real-time. The data for the entire building can be viewed in one dashboard, quickly revealing where structural changes are needed.
Before and after building optimization
The biggest cost in buildings is connected to heating. In most buildings today, temperatures are hot in some apartments but too cold in others. By monitoring with temperature sensors you get insights into this. The data from our smart temperature sensors is stored online and can be connected to the building optimization system, which can then take out the outliers and ensure a more stable indoor climate, while saving energy.
Are you interested?
  • Contact us for a budget estimation
  • We visit you for a property evaluation to see understand the savings potential.
  • We present a customized proposal for optimal savings
  • The residential housing company takes a decision. We can support with information towards members and the management.
  • The project installation is planned.
Congratulations, you have taken an important step to a more sustainable property.