Individual measurement and invoicing of water and heating

Reduce water- and heating costs and split the costs fairly, based on actual consumption

Up to 20% savings
On average water consumption costs decrease with 10-20% per apartment, and heating costs with 10-15%.
Fair distribution
Each household pays only for what they themselves have used, resulting in a fair distribution of the costs.
Renovation requirements
If your residential housing company has to do a renovation of the pipes, it is legally required to install warm water meters. We tell you everything about it and offer an end-to-end solution.
What is individual measurement and invoicing of water and heating?
Most properties today have a contract for consumption of water and heating for the whole building. The invoice is split evenly amongst all the tenants in the building, regardless of how much each individual household consumes. Nordic Propeye installs smart meters in each apartment, and supports automatic invoicing of individual households based on their actual consumption data. Tenants no longer share the bill of high-consumption households.
Time for a root renovation?
Boverket, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, prescribes the installation of water meters with IMD when you do a root renovation of your building, i.e. changing the water pipelines in the building. Nordic Propeye not only offers smart water meters that integrate directly with our IMD solution in line with Boverket’s recommendations, but even a smart floor drain that detects the most common water leakages in the building. Contact us for more information on our special root renovation package:
Are you interested?
  • Contact us for a budget estimation
  • We visit you for a property evaluation to see understand the savings potential.
  • We present a customized proposal for optimal savings
  • The residential housing company takes a decision. We can support with information towards members and the management.
  • The project installation is planned.
Congratulations, you have taken an important step to a more sustainable property.